IMS Data Dictionary

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Table Name Long Name Description Prefix
AEACF Adult to Child Relationship This file stores information concerning the "unique" relationship between a given child and a given adult. A child can be related to several adults and adult to several children. This file describes the relation between one (1) adult and one (1) child. AC
AEADF Adult Demographic This file contains information on a given adult. An adult can be "related" to an individual child in different ways. Those relations are defined in the AEACF file. AD
AEAEF AEA Profile This file contains one record for each AEA in the database. This file contains specific information which helps identify and describe information as collected from a variety of sources included certified student enrollment figures. AE
AEAGF Agency Profile This file captures the relationship between a child and on outside agency service provider. It will also specify the service provider's Agency and the plan type that is directing his/her involvement (e.g. IEP, IFSP). AG
AEAID Alternate ID Historical IDs ID
AEAIF Staff Assignments This file captures basic information regarding the unique relationship between a service provider and the building where his/she is assigned. One service provider can be assigned to many buildings and there is a record for each assignment. Once assigned to a building, then a service provider could be considered as a building resource to assign to specific classes. AI
AEAPF Adjusted Programs This file contains one record for each Adjusted Program Report generated. When circumstances exist that causes a child to be assigned to a class other than of the type recommended by the team, or if the child's assignment to a class causes certain criteria (class size, age span, disability) to go beyond acceptable limits, then it is necessary to file an adjusted program report for that child's placement. This file captures each instance of an adjusted program report. AP
AEATF Assistive Technologies This file tracks historically assistive devices that a child uses. AT
AEBLF Building Profile This file contains one record for each combination of district and building referenced in the database. This file contains specific information which helps identify and describe each building. Information is collected from a variety of sources including certified student enrollment figures. BL
AECEF Consent and Eligibility This table contains the consent and eligibility data for a student/child. CE
AECHF Child Demographic The Child Demographic file contains one record for each infant/toddler/child/youth in the database. It also contains unique information about a child’s current status. CH
AECHFX Neighborhood School (AEA 10) CX
AECTY City/State/Zip This table holds all Cities, States and zip codes for the United States. CT
AEDDATA Date Information (AEA7) DD
AEDIF Disabilities This file contains one record for each occurrence of a child's changing disability status. A child's disability classification can change due to a variety of factors or a secondary or tertiary disability can be added. This file records those decisions as they are made by the team. DI
AEDPF District Profile This District Profile file contains one record for each district that is referenced in the database. This file contains specific information which helps identify and describe each district. Information is collected from a variety of sources including certified student enrollment figures. One district can contain many zones and one district can contain many buildings. DP
AEEPF Meeting Participants Each meeting held on behalf of a given child can have multiple participants. As the role of participants may vary from meeting to meeting, this file allows for the recording of both the participants role and the function they fulfilled during the meeting. In addition, this file records the information associated with each participant's agency. EP
AEEVF Activities One child can be referred many times for an intervention. Each referral can result in evaluation in multiple areas. This file records the specific information about each evaluation area. EV
AEEYSE Extended School Year Services This file tracks the services and providers for a student during an extended school year. EY
AEFILES File Listing List of AEIMS Files and there purpose. FI
AEHEARD Hearing Loss HS
AEHEARD3 Hearing Equipment/Service HS
AEHEARS Hearing Screening HS
AEICF Service Locations This file contains basic information regarding the unique relationship of a given service provider within a building to a particular class or service. There can be more than one service provider associated to a given class or service and these are differentiated by staff type in the AEAIF. Once all service providers are brought together in the AEICF, actual program costs can be described for each class or service. IC
AEIMF Child Services When a student enters into, changes or exits a special education class or service, it is recorded as a transaction in this file. Information concerning a child’s enrollment is maintained here including information such as resident district, date service began, exit date and exit reason. Information from this file is used to generate tuition in or tuition out reports, weighted enrollment summaries and class rosters. IM
AEINVTRY Inventory File This table contains assistive technology inventory data IV
AEIPF Services This file describes the "type" of instructional programs based upon program model (Resource, Special Class with Integration, Self Contained with Little Integration, Level I Intervention, etc.) and disability (LD, MD, Multicategorical or Non-Categorical). IP
AEISEE IEP Results Even though this file is named “IEP Results”, its purpose has been broadened beyond IEP-related results. This file captures data on outcomes or results relative to IFSP or IEPs. A child can have many records in this file. OG
AEMCDTL Medicaid Details Individual Transactions to be later transmitted to UNYSIS are stored in this file until the data is transmitted. MC
AEMCHDR Medicaid Headers Information regarding the detail information used in creating a transmission to UNYSIS is stored in this file. MC
AEMCM Medicaid Download From DHS This file would be downloaded on a regular basis from Medicaid to update medicaid numbers which exist but have eluded entry into AEAIMS. MC
AEMEF Meetings One child can be associated with many meetings conducted on his/her behalf. This file records unique information about each meeting. Information regarding the meeting participants is captured in the EPF. ME
AENUF Student Minutes (AEA 7) MI
AEPJECT Projection (AEA 7) PJ
AEPLF Plans One child can have many different plans generated on his/her behalf. This file captures unique information about each individual plan (e.g. IEP, IFSP). PL
AEPOF Service Eligibility When a staff member acts in the capacity of a certain position, there are a number of associated descriptors that define their activity. This file is a composite of the unique characteristics that help define a position for various reports. PO
AEPROFIL System Profile Stores what AEA you are, the date you transmitted, the date you last rebuilt medicaid headers. PR
AEPUF Pooling (AEA 4) HS
AERDF Review Data (AEA 7) RD
AEREF Interventions One child can receive a specific intervention (e.g. evaluation or referral) for services many times for different reasons. This file records unique information about each intervention. One intervention can result in many different evaluations or services (recorded in the EVF). RE
AERLOG Record of Use (Report Log)
AERPT1 Web Reports
AERUSE Record of Use (Student Find Log)
AERZF Region/Sector/Zone Profile The Region/Zone profile keeps information concerning a given region/sector/zone and its enrollment. This could be considered a "summary file" where information is tallied from information or a file which is built by data entry. RZ
AESCF Student Comments (AEA 1) SC
AESRF Staff Department Assignments This file describes the unique relationship of a staff member to his/her agency, position and department. Data such as FTE for this specific position is captured in this file. At the agency level, a listing of staff by department and position would reveal the total resources in FTE for a department. SR
AESVF Severity Rating Historical information regarding the severity of a child’s disability is stored in this file. While used primarily by Speech Language Pathologists, it is conceivable that changes in severity as a result of intervention in other areas of disability could also be tracked historically. SV
AETBLMST Master Lookup Table This file contains the information for all system look up tables. It stores the code and corresponding description, in addition to the security level for editing purposes. TB
AETDF Staff Demographic This file contains information which identifies an individual service provider. One service provider can have many relationships to buildings, classes, certifications, endorsements, referrals, meetings, and evaluations. TD
AETEF Endorsements A teacher can have more than one endorsement and there is a Teacher/Staff Endorsement record for each endorsement. TE
AETLF Licences A teacher can be certified in more than one area and there is a Teacher/Staff Certification record for each certification. TL
AEUSERS User Profile User information, such as User name, ID, Password, Security Level. US
AEVERIFY Data Dictonary To give a detailed picture of the Data Elements in AEAIMS. VE
AEWSF Work Study (AEA 7) WS
COUNT Count File